Construction and maintenance of revetments and seawalls

Seawall construction isn’t as simple as dumping rocks on the side of the beach and calling it a day. With careful planning and consideration for the local community and environment, a well designed seawall will provide robust protection to foreshore assets. Maw Civil Marine has expertise and experience in completing these projects to the highest standard.

Formation of marine platforms and walkways

Making statements and contributing stylish, yet practical additions to coastlines in South East Victoria. Using the natural curve of the coastline and taking into consideration the unique surroundings, Maw Civil creates practical solutions for your problems. Allowing locals and visitors to experience the natural wonders of the Victorian coastline safely.

Beach re-nourishment

Working with local councils to introduce sand to beaches that have been depleted through coastal processes. Carried out by varied processes, restoring the beach to its most beautiful and to protect local foreshores from the effects of climate change.

Dredging of channels and waterways

Specialising in quality cost effective dredging for marine, industrial and government industries. Removing sediment run off to restore waterways and channels to allow for a safe passage for watercraft.

Working closely with state, local and private bodies to execute various marine construction projects, Maw Civil focuses on always keeping the environmental impact and safety of local communities at the forefront of every project. Leave it to the experts with years of experience to get the job done!

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